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Producers & Engineers

Project Management & File Sharing

Keep Control of Your Project From The First Draft to Final Release

• Get the complete status of your project in real-time. Collect credits, metadata, and any files, as you go.

• Track and input all your project information as you are working. Compile credits and metadata seamlessly meeting DDEX standards.

• With VEVA’s Check-In App everyone who works on a project can automatically submit their credits. This ensures everyone is credited accurately, helping everyone get paid.

• Robust security features with 2-factor authentication ensure your credits and files are safe at all times.

• Export a full credit list directly from the platform and send to the label, distributor, or anyone else who needs the credit information for a project.

For Artists

Keep Everything; Share Anywhere

Have your music ready for the next opportunity.

• Keep control of your music files. From a new single, to an album, sync projects, or even new song ideas, keep all of your music organized.

• Collaborate with anyone  and collect all of their credits as the magic happens. With VEVA’s Check-In App, contributors can check themselves into a session. It’s like the credits populate themselves.

• Send files directly from VEVA Collect and track who is accessing your music at any time.

• Export the credits you’ve collected to wherever your music is distributed, and this information will help get you and your contributors paid.

• VEVA Collect will keep all of your work safe using two- factor authentication.

For Songwriters

Organization for Creative People

Easily capture your song splits, lyrics, PRO information and songwriting credits.

• Send files directly from VEVA Collect and keep control by tracking downloads. Stop shares and resend links at the click of a button.

• Create projects for new songs and track all of your song credits, song information and demos.

• Seamlessly submit song information to your publisher, performing rights organization and sync teams with exportable song credits.

• Robust security features and 2-factor authentication give you peace of mind that your songs will never be heard until you’re ready.

For Labels & Publishers

Manage Your Supply Chain

Manage projects using VEVA Collect

• Ensure credits and song information are captured at the source in one easy to use platform, using DDEX standard field sets.

• Create projects, send invitations to your artists, songwriters and producers, and collect every piece of metadata and audio associated with the project, in one place. 

• VEVA’s industry leading security standards and 2-factor authentication ensure your assets are safe.

• Administer tiered access to your projects for everyone within your organization. Update and change these permissions at any time.

• Export metadata directly into your own systems using the DDEX RIN standard. For custom exports, contact us.

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File Sharing

Using collaborations and direct email invitations VEVA make it easy to share files and collaborate with others.

From sharing song ideas with co-writers, building tracks and collaborating with users worldwide, through to delivering the finished mixes to distribution.

Check-In App

Using the VEVA Check-In App, everyone who works on a project can automatically contribute their credit with one simple tap. From a remote solo recording session to a whole string section. This provides the confidence to everyone in the creative process that credits are actually included and accurate.


Two-factor authentication and data encryption ensure your files are safe.

Ensure your unreleased music is never leaked with the same IT security requirements VEVA upholds everyday, in all of our products.

Tiered permission levels mean you only give access as it’s needed, giving you seamless file and credit tracking.

Project Management

Manage all of your files, credits and metadata in one place.

File Sharing

File sharing specifically for large audio projects with thousands of files.

Check-In App

A free companion app that allows anyone to add their credits to your project.


Built to the highest security standards to keep your files safe.

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