September 1, 2021

VEVA Sound Partners With PPL ‘To Improve Accuracy of Recording Credits’ and Reduce Unpaid Royalties

The UK’s Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and Nashville-headquartered music-technology company VEVA Sound have officially finalized a “data collaboration” partnership centering on the latter’s VEVA Collect file-sharing and credits platform.

PPL and 19-year-old VEVA Sound just recently announced and detailed their partnership, which is designed to “make it easier for performers to be properly credited on recordings and to receive the payments they are entitled to,” per a concise release published by the entities. Built and tailored for artists, VEVA Collect encourages musicians, songwriters, and producers to frontload their music metadata and credit specifics before checking in via the platform’s app while in the studio, thereby ensuring that they’re credited on the work(s) at hand.

Moreover, Collect enters and exports data according to the industry-standard Digital Data Exchange (DDEX) RIN file format, while PPL itself “sits on the board of DDEX.” Bearing the points in mind, the partnership between PPL and VEVA Sound “will allow a performer’s International Performer Number (IPN) – a unique global identifier – to be included in” the music-technology company’s metadata logs.

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