August 25, 2021

Store Your Recording Files and Credits

Musicians Say Streaming Doesn't Pay; Here's What Else They Should Consider: How much is a click worth?

Not necessarily that much, as many musicians are finding out. Although music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and others are popular among music lovers, that popularity doesn’t translate into a higher balance in musicians’ bank accounts.

At least, not for every musician. The most popular artists do fine––or at least better––but the lesser-known names end up with little to show for it when people listen to their music through a streaming service.

The battle between royalty-seeking musicians and the streaming services has earned plenty of media attention lately, with the Union of Musicians & Allied Workers demanding higher payouts from Spotify. But in some ways this confrontation is just a more modern take on a situation that has vexed artists for about as long as recorded sound has been around.

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